My name is Suleyman Halilibrahim. I was born in Bulgaria. At the age of 8 me and my family settled in Nicosia, Cyprus. Even in childhood I was always interested in sports and living a healthy lifestyle. When I graduated from college I started my education in Health Sciences and at the same time began to work as a personal trainer even through I was only 20 years old. My vision and goal was to improve health and sport together. After I graduated from University I got my II.IFBB personal Trainer certificate and at the same time, became an IFBB National Athletic Physique Qualifier.

As a personal coach and health officer, I have become one of the most popular trainers in Cyprus as well as being a supplement advisor, trainer,competitor. It may sound like a difficult task to work with celebrity writers, actors, doctors, high level mangers, but the fact is that, for me it is a challenge and a test to improve my skills and my talents with different groups of people who seek a healthy life style and who also seek to become as fit as they possibly can be. With the ambition to achive and a competitive soul I have been chosen as the man with the fittest body, 2 times in a row in Men’s Fitness Magazine 2014. Also in the year 2015, me and my own personal coaching team have won many different awards. While I won the most Athletic Physique (+1.78) one of my team member has won Best Model of Cyprus. We believe that we must always work harder, faster and stronger in the our path to success ..and that there are still many competition and goals for me and my team to conquer!