My name is Shawna Suter. I am a 29 year old hairdresser from Waldwick, New Jersey. I have a passion for my industry and love what I do! I am in the process of my continued education to become a Redken Educator and travel the world to teach in other salons.

I have kept in shape and played sports my whole life, but this past year I decided to make a dream into a reality. With the help of Guy DelCorso and after 5 months of prep, I was ready to step on stage to compete. I placed 2nd in my class of Women’s Physique! I am now working with IFBB Pro Chris Tuttle for my nutrition and Guy DelCorso for my strength and conditioning. I am excited to see what 2019 will bring me with these two amazing coaches behind me. I will be competing in the Atlantic states, Garden states, and lastly Team Universe to try and achieve my goal of becoming an IFBB Pro. I have come to love this sport and all the amazing people/opportunities it has brought to me. If there is one thing I could ever teach anyone from all of this is to always work hard towards your dreams no matter how big or small. With drive and motivation anything is possible!